Dr. Manzitto - Principal

Mrs. Harrahill - Administrative Intern

Welcome to Wheeler Elementary!

My name is Courtney Manzitto, and it is with great honor and excitement that I begin my role as Principal of Wheeler Elementary during the 18-19 school year. Over the past 14 years I have worked as an interventionist, classroom teacher of various grades 1st-5th, summer school administrator, and most recently, I spent the last four years as the Administrative Intern at Rohwer Elementary. I received both my undergraduate degree and Masters in Literacy from the University of Nebraska- Omaha, followed by the completion of my Doctoral Degree in Educational Administration from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln in May of 2016.

My greatest achievement comes not professionally, but personally, as my husband, Phil, and I are parents of two amazing children: Bella (12) and Mason (7). Their unique gifts and talents inspire me daily to help all children and adults reach their full potential and instill the highest sense of value to their own individual contributions to our world.

My hope is for you to feel my genuine passion for education, commitment to continued excellence at Wheeler, and drive to ensure success for every child in all I do.

Mrs. Harrahill and I are thrilled to share that this year’s theme for Wheeler is #BEKIND along with all of Millard Public Schools. Wheeler staff and students will be challenged during the 18-19 school year to set news goals and meet higher expectations. Together, let’s set the tone for a big-hearted school year, full of compassion, reflection, and thoughtful acts of kindness. My goal for our focus this year is to have #BEKIND translate into ripples and turn into a way of life for our Wildcat community, making the world a better place.

Thank you in advance for your part in our 18-19 commitment to #BEKIND!


Dr. Courtney Manzitto

Wheeler Wildcat Community,

My name is Lindsey Harrahill, and It is with great pride to serve as the Administrative Intern at Wheeler Elementary for the second year.  Throughout my professional journey, I have been honored to be part of Millard Public Schools, a World Class Educational System, and have held many diverse roles. My experiences as an Administrative Intern, Summer School STEM Administrator, Instructional Facilitator, Interventionist, and Classroom Teacher in the district has molded me into a well-rounded leader.

I graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and an endorsement in Early Childhood Education. As a lifelong learner, I continued my studies and earned my Master’s in School Administration PK-8 from Wayne State College. I graduated as an active member of Millard’s Leadership Academy Cohort, and I am currently participating in the MPS Elementary Principal Institute Cohort. In August 2017, I had the pleasure to join the Millard’s Strategic Planning Team and the MPS Strategy 2 Action Team. I truly enjoy being an active member of the Wheeler and Millard Public Schools Community.

I am thrilled to work alongside with Dr. Manzitto in ensuring Wheeler continues to grow in it’s tradition of educational and personal excellence. As an administrative team, we strive to include all stakeholders in this process. In the 2018-2019 school year, we are challenging the Wheeler Community to be active in Millard’s #BEKIND movement.

I look forward to a very successful school year, Wildcats!


Mrs. Harrahill