Egypt Webquest

Egyptian Mystery


A WebQuest for 4th Grade HAL

Using Egyptian Mythology to explore

Puzzles and Mysteries….

Is there an Explanation for Everything?

Designed by Mrs. Kate Hough


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Dear Archeologists,

The Egyptian tombs are at risk for losing key information about the past.  Your scientific skills are needed to help solve the ancient puzzles and mysteries of the ancient Egyptian culture.  To prepare yourself for this challenge you must first solve Egyptian mysteries provided while also unraveling clues in ancient Egyptian math.  Once you have shown that you are well-prepared and able to unearth clues to solve a mystery, you will preserve evidence of the Ancient Egyptian Culture by creating an Ancient Egyptian artifact to share with your fellow archaeologists.  Fellow scientists, the Ancient Egyptian Civilization is counting on you!


Dr. Indiana Jones



Your mission will be to:

  Read and Discuss the novel, The Egypt Game by Zilpha Keatley Snyder

  Unravel the clues in Ancient Egyptian HAL math

  Create a project showing your knowledge of Ancient Egypt.  Create a detailed poster or sculpture representing the topic you have chosen and write a short description including key facts to share with your fellow archeologists.  Be prepared to compare and contrast ideas with the other scientists. 


Read… The Egypt Game by Zilpha Kealtley Snyder. We will assign chapters in your group.  Be prepared to discuss the corresponding questions. You may also enjoy the other activities in the link below!

Thinking Cap Questions

When the book is complete, test your mastery by completing the quiz.  Can you solve the mysteries in the Egypt game?

Egypt Game Quiz

Solve… As you test out of in class math units, challenge your logic skills by completing the Egyptian HAL math unit.  Can you solve problems like an ancient Egyptian?

Research and Create… At the conclusion of this unit, you will share a detailed poster or sculpture from Ancient Egypt that you created.  Include a one page description including at least 8 or more facts. Use The Egypt Game and the links below to choose a topic that you would like to research.  After sharing your topic, compare and contrast what you learned with other topics.

Egyptian Gods List of Mythological Deities

Egyptian Mythica

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Gallery from the BBC

Gods and Goddesses Challenge

Ancient Egypt from the British Museum

Ancient Egyptian Wonders, Mysteries and Religion

Ancient Egypt

Ulitmate List of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses