Mission and Objectives

Wheeler Elementary, dedicated to lifelong learning for all, will guarantee that each student develops character traits and masters knowledge and skills necessary for personal excellence and responsible citizenship by providing a world-class educational community with diverse programs and effective practices designed to engage and challenge all learners through a committed partnership of all stakeholders.

Our objectives:

All students will meet or exceed district and state standards; the achievement gap between subgroups will decrease annually; and overall performance on district and state assessments will increase annually.

  • Each student will set and achieve challenging educational goals tailored to his/her abilities, interests and aspirations.
  • The percentage of students participating in and performing at high levels on measures of national educational excellence will increase annually.
  • All students will develop and consistently demonstrate character traits and positive behaviors necessary for personal excellence and responsible citizenship.

Building Strategies and Specific Results
  1. We will develop and implement plans to create a culture where critical thinking is valued and practiced.
    1-1 Develop understanding of critical thinking and education staff on implementation of best-practice application
    1-2 Create a school culture in which critical thinking is valued and encouraged.
    1-3 Develop our community’s understanding of critical thinking and engage the community in developing critical thinkers.
  2. We will maximize the RtI + I process in order to meet the changing needs of each individual child.
2-1 Implement a common positive behavior system across the Wheeler community.
2-2 Implement common procedure for Language RtI+I process across Wheeler.
2-3  Refine common procedures for Math RtI+I process for Wheeler.
  1. We will develop and implement instruction and instructional supports based on individual student data to improve achievement so that each student maximizes their personal growth.
    3-1 Increase each student’s knowledge and application of vocabulary.
    3-2 Involve students in tracking individual progress to maximize personal growth.
    3-3 Provide and utilize technology opportunities for all learners to improve individual student achievement.
    3-4 Expand critical thinking skills at Wheeler.
  2. We will develop and implement plans to further engage Wheeler families.
4-1 Utilize and standardize communication amongst staff, students, and parents of Wheeler Elementary.
4-2 Strengthen family engagement and empowerment at Wheeler Elementary.
4-3  Strengthen community amongst staff and families at Wheeler Elementary.