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Mrs. Derichs
 Welcome to the
Wheeler Media Center!

We are here to help you discover the world!  Come in before, during, and after school to explore all we have to offer.
Throughout my 17 years of teaching, I have taught various grades and at various schools.  I even spent 3 years teaching in Mozambique, Africa with the US Peace Corps.  Let's continue to explore the world together!

 Super Search Engines:
 Coding Sites:
2nd Grade: Maze
2nd Grade: Bee Loop
2nd Grade: Create A Story
2nd Grade: Minecraft

Halloween Coding:

 Typing Practice:

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Moyo Derichs
Woof!  Hello!  I am the therapy dog here at Wheeler!  My doghouse is in the library where we have all the BEST books to read.  My job is to be here to make kids', and adults', day better!  As a part of Love on a Leash, I think of it as my duty to be the best Wheeler Wildcat I can.  Watch for me on Mondays - get it?  
Moyo Mondays!