Wheeler Elementary PTA

Officers for 2016-2017

President: Carolyn Behrens

Vice-President Stacy Schoening

Secretary: Patty Russell

Treasurer: Heather Barry

Wheeler PTA Committee Explanations:

● Social​-oversees Year End Bash, a Millard West outing (football or basketball game), a

book fair meal and sometimes either a fall or spring dance *Lisa Vincik & Kelsey Urban*

● Fundraising​-organizes fundraising for the year *Stacy Schoening*

● Friday folders​-organizes, stuffs & distributes Friday folders every Friday *Misty

● Artist in residence​-writes grant, makes schedule with artist for classes and organizes

YoYo Berri nights to support *Stacy Schoening, Kristin Crone, Darbi Eischmann and Kara

● Spirit wear​-orders and distributes items (tshirts, water bottles etc) for Wheeler

*Patty Russell*

● Safety​-organizes blood drive *Susie Dotson*

● WHOPPERS​-organizes collection of money at holidays for entire staff *Deana Hilliard*

● Holiday parties- ​organizes classroom parties for Halloween and Valentines *Julissa

● Corporate kickback​-collects items, organizes and sends in for reimbursement *Carolyn

● Yearbook​-takes pictures throughout the school year, organizes pages for classes

*Shannon garren*

● Wednesday munchies​-organizes treats for staff once a month *Christi Stenger*

● Conference meals​-organizes meals for teachers at fall & spring conferences *Stacy

● Carnival​-organizes fall carnival *Tara Lueck*

● Back to school luncheon​-organizes a meal for staff before school starts *Stacy

● Bricks 4 kidz/Spanish club​-sets up these clubs for students to join *Carolyn Behrens*

● Reflections​-organizes entries for the annual contest *Kathleen Ward*

● Teacher appreciation week​-organizes and executes entire week of celebrating our staff

*Heather Barry & Cathy Price*

 PTA helps coordinate volunteers at Wheeler, plans social events such as our carnival and dances for Wheeler families and raises money for extra programs including our artist in residence.

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Dayna Derichs,
Aug 10, 2016, 6:01 PM